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Bordeaux 2015 En Primeur


Click to view our Bordeaux 2015 Opening Offer with Tasting Notes - for reds up to £300 & whites up to £318 as a PDF (2.6MB)Please scroll down to view Bordeaux 2014 wines



The 2015 vintage in Bordeaux has produced delicious wines. They are attractive, at times exuberant, with fruit, tannins which are mature and round, and most importantly they are balanced with good freshness which gives them a lovely, juicy character. This is a style which is particularly successful at a modest price level, so there are many wines throughout the region which will provide wonderful drinking at a relatively early age without you having to spend too much money. Regionally we found successes everywhere; although on balance we found more superstars on the right bank!


Download our Affordable Bordeaux 2015 En Primeur Offer with Tasting Notes (2.6MB)


We are continuing last year's policy of selecting a range of wines which we think are reasonably priced and will offer excellent drinking. 


Please ring John, Graham, Robert, Rachel or Robin on 01743 234455 for advice or to purchase. 





Click to download our Bordeaux 2014 Offer with Tasting Notes as a PDF (2.6MB)Bordeaux 2014 - delivery from Spring 2017



What excited us about 2014 were the wines that opened below £240 per case, with terrific wines below £100. Sales of these have been very strong and some have outsold the 2009 and 2010s!


John Melhuish our Fine Wine Manager wrote in April 2015:
“At the time of writing, the pound is strong and the prices seem persuasive. They will make delicious drinking relatively young and the best will keep 20 years! They will not be that easy to find in three years’ time and they are very unlikely to be at these prices; the current market is very keen. My advice (and I would say this, wouldn’t I) is to buy as much as you can afford; I have never in my 40 years at Tanners tasted such delicious Bordeaux wines from cask. Further up the scale, well that is a different story, a different Bordeaux and not the story of this offer. Wine is for drinking and these wines will make drinking a delight!”


"I wrote this a year ago, and the wines look even better value now" - John Melhuish (June 2016)


Click to download our Bordeaux 2014 Offer with Tasting Notes as a PDF (2.6MB)




  • Wines listed are offered en primeur and by the case of 12 x 75cl, or 6 x 75cl, or 12 x 37.5cl unless specified otherwise.
  • The wines are currently lying abroad and will be shipped Spring 2017 onwards.
  • All En Primeur prices are exclusive of duty, shipping & VAT, which are payable at the time of shipment.
  • Currently, you cannot order en primeur wines online, please ring us on 01743 234455 to discuss your requirements and check current availability.


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