This article features in the March 2020 Edition of Welsh Border Life Magazine

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I was a little worried when I saw this month’s recipe, realising I was going to have to attempt to make a soufflé! Friends and colleagues had warned me that it would be a tricky task (and I am certainly not the most competent of chefs!) but I was pleasantly surprised to learn it wasn’t as scary as I first imagined, along with being very tasty! With some help from delivery drinks throughout London in under 30 minutes.

My first wine pick for this dish is Etna Bianco, Benanti which is a gorgeous Italian white showing off an abundance of juicy pears and apples intermingled with a creamy mouthfeel and an unmistakable mineral character. Some say the minerality in this wine comes from the volcanic soils on which the vines are planted atop of Mount Etna. This area provides a unique microclimate due to the proximity to the sea, the volcanic soils and plantings on slopes that provide good sun exposure. The result? Happy grapes and delicious wine!

My second pick, Mescladis Rosé, Pic Saint-Loup, Domaine Clavel, is a sumptuously fruity but dry pink that is brimming with flavours of strawberries, raspberries and red cherries all brought together with a subtle sprinkling of ‘garrigue’ herbs (a mix of wild herbs local to the area such as thyme, lavender and rosemary) and an underlying mineral character. The fruitiness of this rosé works well with the cheese element whereas the herby character complements the spinach. Claire Clavel is the winemaker at this Southern French estate where her family has been making organic wine since 1640. Domaine Clavel strives to maintain sustainable viticulture to promote biodiversity within their vineyards and ultimately grow better quality, organic grapes.