We all get those grand Halloween ideas of keeping up with the Jones’ or perhaps I should say the Munsters. The reality is usually you get back from work then straight back out the door to march your eager children around in the rain, in their various ghoulish guises as they knock at neighbours doors – or you’re at home rattling around your own cupboards wishing you remembered to pick up that bag of Haribo sours for the trick or treaters and the dog acts possessed every time there is a knock at the door – it’s a long evening! So, we at Tanners thought, let us offer to take you down a more, well, old-fashioned path. Victorian candlelit ghost stories in the appropriately eerie old building plus everything else Halloween permits in abundance. Pushing aside those last—minute dodgy costumes made of binbags; drawers of sweets (more often left over from last year’s Halloween); treats in questionable neon colours ready to induce hyperactivity; and chocolates, of course chocolates. Cast all preconceptions aside, let Tanners show you how we do Halloween!

Luckily for our guests, we take our responsibility – and our ability to scare – deadly seriously!

A spine-tingling tale is always welcomed on this night of ghosts and frights, and such an event descended on 26 Wyle Cop. We opened our doors to some forty guests, the ‘ghouls’ (members of Tanners staff) ready in their hiding places and our Transport Manager acting as doorman, a dead doorman (spoiler, he is alive and well!). We’ll be forthright with you: our ancient Wyle Cop building is brimming with so much character and history that we really must credit it for doing most of the work – one of the oldest secular buildings in Shrewsbury.

We do realise, however, that the pressure of entertaining is enough without the added edge of having to frighten your guests, we prize ourselves on the warmth of Tanners hospitality and so the notion of frightening our guests seemed rather a foreign concept but of course also far too fun not to try!

Tanners Halloween celebration had rather pitch-perfect levels of horror and humour – of course. From our ‘haunted’ cellar to our proximity with the famous River Severn and its tale of trumped up charges of witchcraft resulting in trail by ordeal. Stories of shady Landlords and Victorian Clairvoyants, murder, heartbreak and of course a glass of Tanners Port. Kindly our guests allowed us to trial run these stories; select members of Tanners staff in costume and this combined with a factual tour of our building, a famous Shrewsbury landmark. All the ingredients needed to bring your Halloween night to life or is that back to life? I don’t like to give too much away when describing these events, I always think an air of intrigue is essential, particularly when you are alluding to matters of ghostly goings-on. All I can say is, it was a triumph and we greatly look forward to seeing you at this event in 2020!