During the last year, without the opportunity to visit our favourite restaurants, takeaways have perhaps become more prevalent than ever. As a culinary treat away from your own kitchen, ordering in seems to be the new eating out. But to complete your dining experience it makes sense (at least to us anyway) to add a little wine… However with no hospitality staff on hand to assist you as to what to drink, we have devised a short guide of the perfect pairings to enjoy from the comfort of your own home:


The Italian classic with a variety of toppings to suit your flavour preferences- it’s hard not to love this top takeaway choice! So let’s keep this simple: Italian food loves Italian wine! A tomato rich diet means the Italians ensure high acidity in their wines to balance harmoniously with the acidity in their base food ingredients. Therefore, my go-to for pizza is a Sangiovese based wine for example Chianti or Rosso di Montalcino. These red wines are bursting with vibrant sour cherry flavours whilst having a richness to complement a more topping heavy pizza option!

Southern Fried Chicken:

Satisfying and very more-ish deep fried chicken is perhaps a little indulgent but so worth it! Whilst something like a buttery Chardonnay would work wonders here my top recommendation for this takeaway is actually Riesling. Hear me out… I’m not suggesting the sickly sweet styles from yesteryear but something that has all the citrusy goodness (and a touch of sweetness if that’s how you prefer it) and aromatic nuances that makes this a delicious tipple. The bonus here is that if you’re opting for a midweek treat, Riesling is invariably low in alcohol, which always helps on a school night!


Another versatile option that proves to be worthy of its popularity status. Be it a variety of meat options or veggie and vegan alternatives- there is no doubt that a burger is rich and flavoursome and so you need a wine that packs a punch. The classic pairing here is Malbec where Argentina have really pioneered this concentrated red to be the perfect BBQ wine, but don’t forget other producers in France and beyond too! This brooding wine exhibits rich damson fruit entwined with chocolate and earthy understones making for the winning combination!

Fish and Chips:

The British classic that never fails to disappoint and once I tell you its perfect partner I think you’ll find new excuses to swing by the chippy more often. Champagne is hands down the best wine match for this dish. I know we tend to save this sparkling wine for special occasions but I think it’s important to celebrate the little things in life too, like having the night off cooking! The lemony biscuit flavours of this wine match perfectly with fish whilst the fizz gives an added texture to the batter. So pop a cork and try it, you’ll thank me later.

Indian Curry:

Another British favourite, everyone has their favourite curry-house. Whilst I admit Beer does go very well with an array of curry dishes my go-to choice is always Shiraz. This red is super fruity with a touch of spice which pairs up nicely with the spices of the food- be it gentle or hot. Furthermore, Shiraz is another grape variety that is known for its rich and concentrated flavours meaning it can handle any curry dish… Even a Vindaloo!


Last but certainly not least another style of takeaway where you order way too much but don’t regret a thing. Chinese food often has that sweet and sour thing going on and so an accompanying drink needs to be able to handle that. Gewurztraminer is just the ticket! Incredibly perfumed with rose petals and lychee alongside an underlying sprinkle of sweetness, this white wine is rich and intoxicating.