Champ Divin

  1. Cremant du Jura Zero Dosage
    Crémant du Jura, Brut Zéro Dosage, Champ Divin 2019
    Chardonnay 12.5% Vol
    Sparkling > French Sparkling
    Creamy and not at all aggressive like some Zero dosage wines can be. Pretty almost floral hints,...
    £19.50 per bottle
  2. Vin Jaune, Jura, Champ Divin
    Vin Jaune, Soleil Jaune, Côtes du Jura, Champ Divin 2014 - 62cl (organic)
    Savagnin 15.0% Vol
    Alsace & Jura > Jura
    A remarkable wine full of flavour and character. The aromas are of walnuts, dried fruit and spices....
    £49.50 per bottle