Gonzalez Byass

  1. Alfonso Oloroso Seco Gonzalez B
    Alfonso Oloroso Seco Sherry, Gonzalez Byass
    Palomino 18.0% Vol
    Sherry > Oloroso

    An excellent oloroso with powerful aromatics, and a wonderful salty tang that weaves through a...

    £14.95 per bottle
  2. Vina AB Seco Gonzalez B
    Viña AB Amontillado Seco Sherry, Gonzalez Byass
    Palomino 16.5% Vol
    Sherry > Amontillado
    A rich golden colour with aromas of nuts and a hint of yeast from the flor. The palate is deep with...
    £14.95 per bottle
  3. Leonor Palo Cortado Gonzalez B
    Leonor Palo Cortado 12 Años Sherry, Gonzalez Byass
    Palomino 20.0% Vol
    Sherry > Palo Cortado
    A stunning amber colour with hints of orange, this wine has an intense nutty aroma of toasted...
    £16.90 per bottle
  4. Lepanto Solera Gran Reserva
    Lepanto Solera Gran Reserva, Brandy de Jerez, 36% vol
    36.0% Vol
    Brandy > Various Brandies
    Elegant and round, complex and very fragrant. Aged in a 'solera' system in old American oak casks...
    £35.00 per bottle
  5. Tio Pepe Fino Sherry, Gonzalez Byass
    Tio Pepe Fino Palomino Sherry, Gonzalez Byass
    Palomino 15.0% Vol
    Sherry > Fino
    Routinely praised, Tio Pepe is the benchmark in Finos having those fresh notes combined with the...
    £11.80 per bottle