Riesling (pronounced Reece-ling not Rise-ling) vies with Chardonnay as the source of the greatest white wines in the world. Germany, in particular, produces sublime white wines in all styles from the very dry to super sweet. Somewhat unfairly the modern consumer often dismisses it as being too sweet, but the Germans, in particular, are making superb quality Trocken (or dry) wines. The wines have enormous potential to age. Unsurprisingly, it also does well in Austria and (just over the border,) in Alsace in France, where the wines tend to be drier. In the New World, it is mostly grown in Australia with some excellent example from the Clare Valley and Eden Valley where it produces dry, lime-scented wines that develop a ‘petrolly’ aroma with age. New Zealand is another country it does well in, favouring the cooler climate.

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