Il Colle

  1. Prosecco Vino Frizzante, Fabio Ceschin
    Fabio Ceschin Prosecco, Frizzante, Treviso
    Glera 10.5% Vol
    Sparkling > Prosecco

    The Glera grapes for this wine are from the foothills of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene. The...

    £10.90 per bottle
  2. Rose Vino Frizzante, Fabio Ceschin
    Fabio Ceschin Rosé Vino Frizzante, Veneto
    Raboso 11.0% Vol
    Sparkling > Rosé/Pink Sparkling

    From the little known Raboso grape variety, this is a charming rosé full of soft...

    £9.50 per bottle
  3. Tanners Prosecco Brut
    Tanners Prosecco Brut, Treviso
    Glera 11.0% Vol
    Sparkling > Prosecco
    Attractive, long and succulent with easy creamy pear and apple fruit and a refreshing, flavoursome...
    £11.50 per bottle
  4. Prosecco Il Colle, Spumante - 20cl
    Il Colle Prosecco, Spumante Extra Dry - 20cl
    Glera 11.0% Vol
    Sparkling > Prosecco
    Plenty of soft peach and apricot fruit on the nose and palate, a good mousse and plenty of...
    £4.05 per bottle
  5. Prosecco Valdobbiadene, Fabio Ceschin
    Fabio Ceschin Prosecco Superiore, Conegliano Valdobbiadene
    Glera 11.0% Vol
    Sparkling > Prosecco
    This is sourced from the Conegliano Hills in the best region of Prosecco. It is floral and fruity...
    £12.90 per bottle
  6. Glera Frizzante, Fabio Ceschin
    5° Grappolo Vino Bianco Frizzante, Screwcap, Fabio Ceschin
    Glera 10.5% Vol
    Sparkling > Other Sparkling
    Really pretty floral aromatics lead to crisp apple and rich peach fruit, in this gently sparkling...
    £8.95 per bottle