Le Contesse

  1. Le Contessa Pinot Rosé Brut - 75cl
    Le Contesse Pinot Rosé, Cuvée Brut, Spumante
    Pinot Noir 11.0% Vol
    Italy > Veneto & NE Italy
    A gentle strawberry scented rosé from Italy. Fresh and characterful with a hint of sweetness and a...
    £11.20 per bottle
  2. Le Contesse Prosecco Frizzante (Italy) - 20cl
    Le Contesse Prosecco, Frizzante, Treviso - 20cl
    Prosecco 10.5% Vol
    Italy > Veneto & NE Italy
    An attractive gently sparkling white with nose and palate of ripe apples with notes of pear juice,...
    £3.80 per bottle