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  1. Paparuda Feteasca Regala
    Paparuda Feteasca Regala, Estate Selection 2017
    Feteasca Regala 12.0% Vol
    Northern Europe > Romania
    Aromatic nose with distinct peach and apricot flavours on the palate, soft and creamy fruit and a...
    £6.40 per bottle £7.40 per bottle
  2. Paparuda Cabernet Sauvignon
    Paparuda Cabernet Sauvignon, Estate Selection 2016
    Cabernet Sauvignon 13.0% Vol
    Northern Europe > Romania
    Crunchy Cabernet with good blackcurrant fruit and rich depth of flavour. Easy going wine ideal by...
    £6.40 per bottle £7.40 per bottle
  3. Amanti del Vino Trebbiano, Rubicone
    Amanti del Vino Trebbiano, Rubicone IGT 2016
    Trebbiano/Ugni Blanc 12.0% Vol
    Italy > Umbria & Mid Italy
    Fresh and light with good pear and apple fruit and decent length. An attractive, creamy wine from...
    £7.40 per bottle
  4. Paso Primero Red
    Paso-Primero Tinto, Somontano 2017
    Cabernet Sauvignon 14.5% Vol
    Spain > Catalonia & NE Spain
    Fresh and lively red, with juicy strawberry fruit, soft and forward with an attractive, easy style....
    £7.50 per bottle £8.50 per bottle
  5. Ca Solare Pinot Grigio, di Pavia
    Ca' Solare Pinot Grigio, Venezie IGT 2016
    Pinot Grigio/Gris 12.0% Vol
    Italy > Veneto & NE Italy
    With a crisp, dry, lightly floral character and a subtle honeyed note on the finish, this is a good...
    £7.70 per bottle
  6. Santa Ema Select Chardonnay
    Santa Ema Select Terroir Chardonnay, Maipo 2017
    Chardonnay 12.5% Vol
    Chile > Maipo & Mid Chile
    Peach and lemon flavours with a good, full, creamy palate. Fresh and well balanced with a positive...
    £7.90 per bottle £9.40 per bottle
  7. Deen Vat 5 Bot Semillon - Half
    De Bortoli Deen Vat Series No 5 Botrytis Semillon, Riverina 2014 - Half
    Sémillon 11.0% Vol
    Australia > New South Wales
    Notes of citrus and marmalade on the nose with a gentle nutty character. More citrus on the palate...
    £8.00 per bottle £9.20 per bottle
  8. Verdicchio Classico, Pontemagno
    Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Classico DOC, Pontemagno 2017
    Verdicchio 12.5% Vol
    Italy > Umbria & Mid Italy
    From the hills behind Ancona on the Adriatic this is a refreshing dry white that is crisp but has...
    £8.20 per bottle
  9. Cotes du Rhone, Cave Coteaux
    Côtes du Rhône, Vieilles Vignes, Cave Coteaux du Rhône 2017
    Grenache 14.0% Vol
    Rhône Valley > Southern Rhône
    This is a good, simple Côtes du Rhône: it has typical peppery flavours and light, fresh...
    £8.30 per bottle
  10. Chablis 'Classique', P Bouchard - Half
    Chablis 'Le Classique', Pascal Bouchard 2015 - Half
    Chardonnay 12.5% Vol
    Burgundy > Chablis
    A classic Chablis with freshness, minerality and good weight from an excellent producer. Pascal and...
    £8.50 per bottle £9.50 per bottle
  11. Lachamte, Futsushu Sparkling Sake, Hideyoshi Brewery
    Lachamte, Futsushu Sparkling Sake, Hideyoshi Brewery (Japan), 8.7% vol - 28cl
    8.7% Vol
    Apéritifs & Cocktail Shelf > Sake & Rice Wine
    A light frothy sake full of the flavour of rice while being reminiscent of strawberries and cream....
    £8.50 per bottle £9.95 per bottle
  12. Montepulciano d'Abruzzo Taverna Nova
    Montepulciano d'Abruzzo DOC, Taverna Nova, Roxan 2016
    Montepulciano 13.5% Vol
    Italy > Umbria & Mid Italy
    Lovely sweet cherry fruit, full and long from a quality minded...
    £8.90 per bottle
  13. Tanners Shiraz, Victoria
    Tanners Australian Shiraz, Victoria 2016
    Syrah/Shiraz 14.0% Vol
    Australia > Victoria
    Elegantly spicy Shiraz with plenty of red and black berry fruit, but with sumptuous, rounded...
    £8.95 per bottle
    • £7.50 6 or more
  14. Soave Classico, Zeni
    Soave Classico DOC, Zeni 2017
    Garganega 12.5% Vol
    Italy > Veneto & NE Italy
    Definitely a superior Soave, the Zeni family's example from the hilly Classico area is gently...
    £8.95 per bottle
  15. Ch Cissac, Haut-Medoc - half
    Château Cissac, Haut-Médoc 2013 - Half
    Cabernet Sauvignon 12.5% Vol
    Bordeaux > Médoc & Left Bank
    Textbook Médoc with plenty of juicy, chunky blackcurrant fruit, firm tannins and fine...
    £9.00 per bottle £12.50 per bottle
  16. Arbouse Massif d'Uchaux
    Arbouse, Massif d'Uchaux Côtes du Rhône-Villages, Cave Coteaux du Rhône 2016
    Grenache 14.0% Vol
    Rhône Valley > Southern Rhône
    Good rich fruit and silky texture with cherry and blackberry flavours and spicy...
    £9.70 per bottle
  17. Ventoux, Gonnet Rhone Selection
    Ventoux La Jeanette, Famille Gonnet 2016
    Grenache 13.5% Vol
    Rhône Valley > Southern Rhône
    A beautiful nose of concentrated, ripe strawberry fruit accompanied by a touch of spice with supple...
    £9.90 per bottle
  18. Traminer Aromatico, Fernanda Cappello
    Traminer Aromatico, Friuli DOC, Fernanda Cappello 2017
    Gewürztraminer 12.5% Vol
    Italy > Veneto & NE Italy
    Rose and lychee aromas, followed up on the palate with ripe citrus notes. Lovely harmony and...
    £9.95 per bottle
  19. Refosco, Fernanda Cappello
    Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso, Friuli Grave DOC, Fernanda Cappello 2016
    Refosco 12.5% Vol
    Italy > Veneto & NE Italy
    Red fruits on the nose with hints of vanilla, fresh and lively palate with blueberry, cherry and...
    £9.95 per bottle
  20. Cantele Primitivo Salento
    Cantele Primitivo, IGT Salento 2016
    Primitivo 13.5% Vol
    Italy > South of Italy
    Delicious ripe dark raspberry and mulberry fruit, lovely and soft with just a hint of...
    £9.95 per bottle £12.95 per bottle
  21. Solo Quinta Orange Wine 2016
    Sole Orange Wine, Recas Estate 2016
    Chardonnay 12.0% Vol
    Northern Europe > Romania
    A rich, characterful, oxidative style of wine full of dried-fruit character, apricots and orange...
    £10.30 per bottle £12.30 per bottle
  22. Vermentino Melis
    Vermentino di Sardegna DOC, Melis 2017
    Vermentino 13.5% Vol
    Italy > Sardinia
    With a touch of Malvasia to lift its aromas, this gorgeously appley and slightly spritzy Vermentino...
    £10.70 per bottle
  23. Tanners Rhone Valley Red
    Tanners Rhône Valley Red, Côtes du Rhône 2016
    Grenache 14.5% Vol
    Rhône Valley > Southern Rhône
    Pretty, jolie nose of red summer fruits with some plump, creamy blue fruit notes. Medium-bodied,...
    £10.80 per bottle
  24. Fina Grillo, Sicilia
    Kebrilla Grillo, Fina, Terre Siciliane IGP 2017
    Grillo 13.5% Vol
    Italy > Sicily
    All blossom and orange peel then a long, dry finish make this a fascinating wine which shows the...
    £10.95 per bottle
  25. Koimari Junmai Ginjo Sake Saga Japan - 30cl
    Koimari Junmai Ginjo Sake (Saga, Japan), 15.5% vol - 30cl
    15.5% Vol
    Apéritifs & Cocktail Shelf > Sake & Rice Wine
    An elegant stone fruit nose, intensely fruity on the palate with a ripe fruity sweetness with...
    £11.00 per bottle £12.50 per bottle
  26. Aldonia Rioja
    Aldonia, Rioja 2016
    Grenache 15.0% Vol
    Spain > Rioja
    Intense and complex on the nose and palate with berry fruit, plums even cassis mixed with mocha,...
    £11.40 per bottle £12.90 per bottle
  27. Tanners Prosecco Brut
    Tanners Prosecco Brut, DOC Treviso
    Glera 11.0% Vol
    Sparkling > Prosecco
    Attractive, long and succulent with easy creamy pear and apple fruit and a refreshing, flavoursome...
    £11.40 per bottle
    • £9.95 6 or more
  28. Taylor's LBV
    Taylor's Late Bottled Vintage Port 2013
    Port Blend 20.0% Vol
    Port > LBV & Crusted Port
    On the nose, cassis and blackberry jam with hints of smoke and spice. Then sweet black fruits,...
    £11.50 per bottle £14.95 per bottle
  29. Kumeu River Pinot Gris, Auckland
    Kumeu River Village Pinot Gris, Auckland 2016
    Pinot Grigio/Gris 13.5% Vol
    New Zealand > North Island
    The fruit aromas of this wine are very floral and reminiscent of roses. The palate is characterised...
    £11.50 per bottle
  30. Le Ralle Greco, Basilicata, Alovini
    Le Ralle Greco, Basilicata IGT, Alovini 2016
    Greco 13.0% Vol
    Italy > South of Italy
    Greco is an admirable grape variety, in the right hands producing a wine with an orange blossom...
    £11.60 per bottle
  31. Orvieto Secco, Campogrande, Antinori
    Orvieto Classico DOC, Campogrande, Santa Cristina 2017
    Procanico 12.0% Vol
    Italy > Umbria & Mid Italy
    Castello della Sala is the Antinori family's magnificent Umbrian outpost. Here they make Orvieto...
    £11.80 per bottle
  32. Vernaccia di San Gim, Cappella St Andrea
    Vernaccia di San Gimignano DOCG, Clara Stella, Cappella Sant' Andrea 2017
    Vernaccia 13.0% Vol
    Italy > Umbria & Mid Italy
    A classic seafood wine from close to the city of San Gimignano, this has pervasive fruit with a...
    £11.90 per bottle
  33. Ch Courac Laudun Cotes du Rhone-Villages
    Château Courac, Laudun Côtes du Rhône-Villages 2015
    Grenache 14.0% Vol
    Rhône Valley > Southern Rhône
    Lots of succulent, ripe, supple sweet fruit with hints of cassis, damson, cherry and herby...
    £12.50 per bottle
  34. Dom Mucyn, Collines Rhodaniennes
    Domaine Mucyn, Gamsy, IGP Collines Rhodaniennes 2016
    Syrah/Shiraz 12.5% Vol
    Rhône Valley > Northern Rhône
    Simple, juicy, this has a lovely, soft fruit character, with intense red berry fruits and a lovely...
    £12.50 per bottle
  35. Escarpment Pinot Gris, Martinborough
    Escarpment Pinot Gris, Martinborough 2015
    Pinot Grigio/Gris 13.5% Vol
    New Zealand > North Island
    A rich, succulent Pinot Gris from a great property. This wine is full-bodied and packed with...
    £12.60 per bottle
  36. Chenas, Remi & Paola Benon
    Chénas, Rémi Benon 2016
    Gamay 13.0% Vol
    Beaujolais > Fleurie & The Crus
    A ripe, round wine full of luscious raspberry fruit with some juicy tannins. This has great...
    £12.60 per bottle
  37. Ch Rives-Blanques Chardonnay Odyssee
    Château Rives-Blanques Chardonnay, Cuvée de l'Odyssée, Limoux 2017
    Chardonnay 13.5% Vol
    South of France
    This domaine's showpiece wine is made using the best Chardonnay grapes, fermented and matured in...
    £12.75 per bottle £14.50 per bottle
  38. Fina Viognier, Sicilia
    Fina Viognier, Sicilia IGP 2017
    Viognier 13.0% Vol
    Italy > Sicily
    With straw colour, a very, very silky texture and loads of weight, this is a great example of...
    £12.90 per bottle
  39. Perrin Reserve, Cotes-du-Rhone Blanc
    Côtes-du-Rhône White Reserve, Famille Perrin 2017
    Grenache Blanc 13.0% Vol
    Rhône Valley > Southern Rhône
    Pale straw yellow in colour and an elegant, toasted bread nose; full-flavoured greengage character...
    £12.95 per bottle
  40. Vigna Senza Nome, Moscato d'Asti DOCG, Giacoma Bologna 2017
    Vigna Senza Nome, Moscato d'Asti DOCG, Giacoma Bologna 2017
    Muscat/Moscatel 5.5% Vol
    Quite simply one of the most delicious sparkling wines you can buy. Softly foaming in the mouth,...
    £13.20 per bottle
  41. Fleurie, Andre Colonge
    Fleurie, Domaine André Colonge et Fils 2016
    Gamay 13.0% Vol
    Beaujolais > Fleurie & The Crus
    A floral, pretty nose is followed by a lush, ample palate with very juicy, strawberry fruit lifted...
    £13.25 per bottle £14.98 per bottle
  42. Crozes-Hermitage Rouge, Clairmont
    Crozes-Hermitage Classique, Cave de Clairmont 2015
    Syrah/Shiraz 13.5% Vol
    Rhône Valley > Northern Rhône
    With a lovely deep purple colour, this appealing wine has obvious blackberry fruit with good depth...
    £13.40 per bottle
  43. Gougenheim Flores Blue Melosa
    Gouguenheim Flores del Valle Blue Melosa Malbec, Valle Escondido, Mendoza 2014
    Malbec 13.9% Vol
    Argentina > Mendoza
    A rich dark wine, with red and black fruit character on the nose and palate, a delicious creamy...
    £13.50 per bottle £14.95 per bottle
  44. Muscat Rivesaltes Boudau
    Muscat de Rivesaltes, Domaine Boudau 2017
    Muscat/Moscatel 15.5% Vol
    South of France > Languedoc-Rousillon
    Wonderfully fresh Muscat with lemony fruit, pineapple and exotic fruit, juicy and long....
    £13.50 per bottle £15.50 per bottle
  45. St-Amour, Dom des Pierres, Trichard
    Saint Amour, Domaine des Pierres,Trichard 2016
    Gamay 13.0% Vol
    Beaujolais > Fleurie & The Crus
    Light, bright and particularly attractive, just what Saint Amour should be. Fresh and juicy with...
    £13.90 per bottle
  46. Lacryma Christi Bianco, Terredora
    Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio Bianco DOC, Terredora Di Paolo 2016
    Coda di Volpe 12.5% Vol
    Italy > South of Italy
    Grown on the volcanic, seaward slopes of Mt. Vesuvius, this wine has golden hints, a fresh tropical...
    £13.90 per bottle
  47. Blanquette de Limoux, Ch Rives-Blanques
    Château Rives-Blanques, Blanquette de Limoux Brut 2016
    Mauzac 12.5% Vol
    Sparkling > French Sparkling
    Hand-harvested grapes and low yields, this is the world's oldest sparkling wine. Peach, pear and...
    £13.90 per bottle £16.00 per bottle
  48. Robert Oatley Signature, Cabernet Sauvignon, Margaret River
    Robert Oatley Signature, Cabernet Sauvignon, Margaret River 2016
    14% Vol
    Australia >
    GSM draws on McLaren Vale’s skills at growing some of the most amazing Grenache on the planet and...
    £14.00 per bottle

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