Enchanting Pinot Noir

So often applauded and yet bemoaned in the same breath, Pinot Noir can stir emotion. Aiden Schwarzer looks at the intricacies of this often overlooked noble variety.

You will have read many times, Pinot Noir is a fickle variety. It freely mutates (this is how we have Pinot Blanc, Gris & Meunier, even Gamay!) it has tight bunches and thin skins, making it susceptible to rot. A long growing season is vitally important in fully developing flavour and ripeness, so cooler spots must be sought, which then throw autumn rains into the mix.

There isn’t another variety we can be so regularly let down by in tastings, when Pinot simply refuses to show up – dumb, closed, tight… and yet there is none other you’d be so forgiving of. There are moments of transcendent wonder when Pinot really kicks into gear: unmatched aromatic delights, that distinctive ‘Pinot’ mix of ripe berries, flowers, forest floor and something savoury you can’t-quite-put-your-finger-on. The paradox of being pale and limpid, yet intense and rich; the fact that it transmits terroir so succinctly. This is perfectly demonstrated in Burgundy’s Côte d’Or, where the tiniest plots, or even rows of vines, behave so differently to those around them. There are also wonderful examples from top notch growers and winemakers to be found all over the world and it is these wines that drive our fascination with this enchanting variety.

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  1. Rully, Les Chaponnieres, P Jacqueson
    Rully, Chaponnières, P et M Jacqueson 2016
    Pinot Noir 13.0% Vol
    Burgundy > Côte Chalonnaise
    Excellent value red Burgundy from a grower that has a reputation for fighting above his weight....
    £20.00 per bottle £22.50 per bottle
  2. Tanners Red Burgundy
    Tanners Red Burgundy, Bourgogne Pinot Noir, Maison Roche de Bellene 2016
    Pinot Noir 13.0% Vol
    Burgundy > Bourgogne & Hautes Côtes
    Made by the talented Nicolas Potel this has a super nose of ripe damsons and black cherry, more of...
    £16.50 per bottle
    • £14.50 3 or more
  3. Cuvaison Pinot Noir, Napa/Carneros
    Cuvaison 'Estate Grown' Pinot Noir, Napa Valley, Carneros 2016
    Pinot Noir 13.5% Vol
    USA > California
    Plenty of concentration, complexity and length in this blend of fruit from Napa and cool Carneros....
    £28.50 per bottle £32.00 per bottle
  4. Los Coches Pinot Noir
    Los Coches Pinot Noir, Valle Central 2018
    Pinot Noir 12.5% Vol
    Chile > Maipo & Mid Chile
    Packed full of fresh red fruit character, this is classic New World Pinot from Chile. Good weight,...
    £8.30 per bottle
    • £6.70 6 or more
  5. Escarpment Pinot Noir, Martinborough
    Escarpment Pinot Noir, Martinborough 2015
    Pinot Noir 13.5% Vol
    New Zealand > North Island
    A good fruit filled Kiwi Pinot, plenty of ripe blackcherry fruit and a touch of spice with good...
    £23.50 per bottle
  6. Instinct Pinot Noir, Martinborough
    Kate Radburnd 'Vine Velvet' Pinot Noir, Wairarapa 2016
    Pinot Noir 13.5% Vol
    New Zealand > North Island
    A succulent fruit filled Pinot with both red and black fruit flavours. It has good body and well...
    £12.50 per bottle
    • £11.00 3 or more
  7. Sancerre Pinot Noir, A Dezat
    Sancerre Rouge, André Dezat et Fils (Pinot Noir) 2017
    Pinot Noir 13.0% Vol
    Loire Valley > Sancerre & Upper Loire
    This delicate red has lovely sweet fruit and undergoes judicious oak ageing. It is made from the...
    £17.20 per bottle
    • £15.00 3 or more
  8. Maranges 1cru Boutiere, Bachelet-Monnot
    Maranges 1er cru Clos de la Boutière, Bachelet-Monnot 2016
    Pinot Noir 13.5% Vol
    Burgundy > Côte de Beaune
    Attractive red fruits on the nose; crushed forest fruits and wild strawberries. On the palate it is...
    £28.50 per bottle
  9. Cathy Marshall Pinot Noir, Elgin
    Catherine Marshall Grown on 'Sandstone' Pinot Noir, Elgin 2017
    Pinot Noir 13.5% Vol
    South Africa > Cape South Coast
    Complex and elegant Pinot Noir with silky berry fruit well balanced by oak and touches of...
    £16.20 per bottle
  10. Paparuda Pinot Noir
    Paparuda Pinot Noir, Estate Selection 2018
    Pinot Noir 12.5% Vol
    Northern Europe > Romania
    Fragrant and fruity Pinot Noir with plenty of ripe red fruits, strawberries and raspberries, fresh...
    £7.50 per bottle
    • £6.50 6 or more
  11. Oberrotweiler Kasleberg Pinot N, Salwey
    Salwey Pinot Noir, Kaiserstuhl, Baden 2015
    Pinot Noir 13.0% Vol
    Germany > Rhine
    This Pinot Noir has some new wood on the nose and palate but with ripe strawberry and plum fruit to...
    £16.95 per bottle
    • £14.00 3 or more
  12. Andre Clouet Silver Brut Nature
    André Clouet Silver, Brut Nature Champagne, Grand Cru à Bouzy
    Pinot Noir 12.0% Vol
    Champagne > Growers' Champagne
    Despite having no dosage (the mixture of cane sugar and old wine, without which most champagnes...
    £30.70 per bottle
    • £24.00 2 or more
  13. Santenay Rouge vieilles vignes, Girardin
    Santenay, Vieilles Vignes, Vincent Girardin 2014
    Pinot Noir 13.0% Vol
    Burgundy > Côte de Beaune
    Rich with dense black cherries, very well balanced with ripe tannins and freshness offsetting the...
    £21.45 per bottle £24.50 per bottle
  14. Pinot Noir, Esterhazy
    Esterházy Pinot Noir, Burgenland 2016
    Pinot Noir 13.0% Vol
    Northern Europe > Austria
    Aged for 12 months in wooden casks, this is a strawberry and cherry scented Pinot with nuances of...
    £12.95 per bottle
    • £10.95 3 or more
  15. Plunge into Pinot Noir - Half Dozen
    Plunge into Pinot Noir - Half Dozen
    Pinot Noir can offer moments of transcendent wonder. When it really kicks into gear it can show...
    £129.00 per case
    £141.40 per case -9.61
  16. The Pinot Noir Pilgrim  - Half Dozen
    The Pinot Noir Pilgrim - Half Dozen
    This is a wonderful selection demonstrating why Pinot Noir is considered one of the greatest red...
    £99.00 per case
    £112.35 per case -13.48
  17. Introducing Pinot Noir - Half Dozen
    Introducing Pinot Noir - Half Dozen
    Exceptional in the right situation Pinot Noir has generated a reputation of the highest quality...
    £69.00 per case
    £74.60 per case -8.12
  18. Tanners House Range Mixed Dozen
    Tanners House Range Dozen
    A mixed case of our white, red and rosé wines. Featuring our Tanners Argentinian Malbec and...
    £120.40 per case

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