Staycation Wines

If you are travelling no further than the British coastline and about to enjoy your summer break in the UK, then why not pick up a few holiday bottles to make your staycation even more enjoyable?

Discover lots of delicious offers for delivery to your door, then simply pour and relax.

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  1. New Zealand, Decanter Magazine Alternative Whites - Half Dozen
    New Zealand, Decanter Magazine Alternative Whites - Half Dozen
    Decanter Magazine Award winning wines  from New Zealand, three super delicious  top...
    £70.00 per case
    £77.60 per case -10.86
  2. Mixed Beaujolais - Dozen
    Mixed Beaujolais - Dozen
    £170.00 per case
    £179.70 per case -5.71
  3. Argentine Mixed - Dozen
    Argentine Mixed - Dozen
    We've heard from a very reliable source that 2017 was a super vintage in Argentina. Try for...
    £95.00 per case
    £105.00 per case -10.53
  4. Trio of Treats
    Trio of Treats
    Do you deserve a treat? This trio is a wine lover's dream. It features a deliciously fascinating...
    £129.00 per case
    £142.95 per case -10.81
  5. Top-Drawer Reds - Half Dozen
    Top-Drawer Reds - Half Dozen
    These are the red wines you want when you're cooking something hearty, entertaining good friends or...
    £99.00 per case
    £109.70 per case -10.81
  6. Succulent Rhônes - Half Dozen
    Succulent Rhônes - Half Dozen
    Rhône Valley reds are some of the most satisfying wines in the world. Pleasingly full of...
    £52.00 per case
    £59.40 per case -14.23
  7. La Dolce Vita - Half Dozen
    La Dolce Vita - Half Dozen
    Dive into these luscious Italian whites and you'll experience a wealth of exciting flavours. Crisp...
    £76.00 per case
    £84.60 per case -11.32
  8. Casa Nostra - Half Dozen
    Casa Nostra - Half Dozen
    Delicious, homely whites fit for the finest Italian mama's kitchen! Including crisp, fresh Soave...
    £49.00 per case
    £56.20 per case -14.69
  9. Vigna Senza Nome, Moscato d'Asti DOCG, Giacoma Bologna 2017
    Vigna Senza Nome, Moscato d'Asti DOCG, Giacoma Bologna 2017
    Muscat/Moscatel 5.5% Vol
    Headily grape-scented, this is wonderfully fruity and so well-balanced....
    £11.50 per bottle £13.20 per bottle
  10. Languedoc Whites - Half Dozen
    Languedoc Whites - Half Dozen
    A brilliant selection of whites, featuring three wines as different from each other as they are...
    £58.00 per case
    £75.30 per case -29.83
  11. Ch Courac Laudun Cotes du Rhone-Villages
    Château Courac, Laudun Côtes du Rhône-Villages 2015
    Grenache 14.0% Vol
    Rhône Valley > Southern Rhône
    Lots of succulent, ripe, supple sweet fruit with hints of cassis, damson, cherry and herby...
    £10.50 per bottle £13.50 per bottle
  12. Arbouse Massif d'Uchaux
    Arbouse, Massif d'Uchaux Côtes du Rhône-Villages, Cave Coteaux du Rhône 2015
    Grenache 13.5% Vol
    Rhône Valley > Southern Rhône
    Good rich fruit and silky texture with cherry and blackberry flavours and spicy...
    £8.20 per bottle £9.70 per bottle
  13. Tanners Rhone Valley Red
    Tanners Rhône Valley Red, Côtes du Rhône 2016
    Grenache 14.5% Vol
    Rhône Valley > Southern Rhône
    Pretty, jolie nose of red summer fruits with some plump, creamy blue fruit notes. Medium-bodied,...
    £10.80 per bottle
    • £9.20 6 or more
  14. Le Mescladis Rosé, Pic Saint-Loup, Domaine Clavel 2017
    Le Mescladis Rosé, Pic Saint-Loup, Domaine Clavel 2017
    Syrah/Shiraz 13.0% Vol
    South of France > Languedoc-Rousillon
    Fruity rosé with raspberry aromas and strawberry flavours, fresh and lively with good body...
    £10.95 per bottle £11.95 per bottle
  15. Fina Viognier, Sicilia
    Fina Viognier, Sicilia IGP 2017
    Viognier 13.0% Vol
    Italy > Sicily
    With straw colour, a very, very silky texture and loads of weight, this is a great example of...
    £10.90 per bottle £12.90 per bottle
  16. Crémant d'Alsace, Dopff & Irion
    Crémant d' Alsace Blanc de Blancs Brut, Dopff & Irion
    Pinot Blanc/Bianco 12.0% Vol
    Sparkling > French Sparkling
    Creamy and not at all aggressive like some Zero dosage wines can be. Pretty almost floral hints,...
    £12.80 per bottle £13.80 per bottle
  17. Tanners Red Burgundy
    Tanners Red Burgundy, Bourgogne Pinot Noir, Maison Roche de Bellene 2015
    Pinot Noir 13.0% Vol
    Burgundy > Bourgogne & Hautes Côtes
    Made by the talented Nicolas Potel this has a super nose of ripe damsons and black cherry, more of...
    £14.30 per bottle £15.30 per bottle
  18. Dom Mucyn, Collines Rhodaniennes
    Domaine Mucyn, Gamsy, IGP Collines Rhodaniennes 2016
    Syrah/Shiraz 12.5% Vol
    Rhône Valley > Northern Rhône
    Simple, juicy, this has a lovely, soft fruit character, with intense red berry fruits and a lovely...
    £11.00 per bottle £12.30 per bottle
  19. Tanners New Zealand Sauvignon
    Tanners New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough 2017
    Sauvignon Blanc 12.0% Vol
    New Zealand > South Island
    Wonderfully aromatic on the nose with some tropical passionfruit character amongst the grassy,...
    £9.50 per bottle £10.90 per bottle
  20. Verdicchio Classico, Pontemagno
    Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Classico DOC, Pontemagno 2017
    Verdicchio 12.5% Vol
    Italy > Umbria & Mid Italy
    From the hills behind Ancona on the Adriatic this is a refreshing dry white that is crisp but has...
    £8.20 per bottle
    • £6.90 6 or more
  21. Orvieto Secco, Campogrande, Antinori
    Orvieto Classico DOC, Campogrande, Santa Cristina 2017
    Procanico 12.0% Vol
    Italy > Umbria & Mid Italy
    Castello della Sala is the Antinori family's magnificent Umbrian outpost. Here they make Orvieto...
    £10.80 per bottle £11.80 per bottle
  22. Gavi del Comune di Gavi, La Chiara
    Gavi DOCG del Comune di Gavi, La Chiara 2017
    Cortese 12.5% Vol
    Italy > Piedmont & NW Italy
    This small estate's low yields give this wine a juicy, honey-like core. Add the Cortese grape's...
    £12.40 per bottle £13.80 per bottle
  23. Sesti Grangiovese, Toscana, Argiano
    Sesti Grangiovese, Toscana IGT, Castello di Argiano 2016
    Sangiovese/Brunello 14.0% Vol
    Italy > Tuscany
    The Sesti family uses the Sangiovese grapes that don't go into their Brunello and Rosso di...
    £14.90 per bottle £15.90 per bottle
  24. Tanners Prosecco Brut
    Tanners Prosecco Brut, DOC Treviso
    Glera 11.0% Vol
    Sparkling > Prosecco
    Attractive, long and succulent with easy creamy pear and apple fruit and a refreshing, flavoursome...
    £9.95 per bottle £11.40 per bottle
  25. Moscato d'Asti, Vigna Senza Nome
    Vigna Senza Nome, Moscato d'Asti DOCG, Giacoma Bologna 2016
    Muscat/Moscatel 5.5% Vol
    Sparkling > Sweeter Sparkling
    Quite simply one of the most delicious sparkling wines you can buy. Softly foaming in the mouth,...
    £11.50 per bottle £13.20 per bottle

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