Stonebird Wines

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From Africa to Shropshire, the Stonebird wines are a unique small parcel addition to Tanners.

Upon meeting and tasting with winemaker Gavin Patterson, it is clear that his commitment to producing great wines knows no bounds. Made on the Cape South Coast of South Africa, he launched the Stonebird wines in 2016 to great acclaim.

Gavin describes himself as having a conventional understanding of what determines quality wine, but he achieves this in an unconventional manner. He uses a combination of intriguing techniques ‒ including the use of egg-shaped terracotta amphorae and dry ice ‒ to achieve greatness in his wines. The hands-on approach from vineyard to winery and pure passion shines through in Gavin’s creations.

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  1. Stonebird Wines - Half Dozen
    Stonebird Wines - Half Dozen
    From South African winemaker Gavin Patterson comes this stunning pair of special-parcel Stonebird...
    £156.00 per case -8.33
  2. Stonebird Pinot Noir, Cape South Coast
    Stonebird Pinot Noir, Cape South Coast 2017
    Pinot Noir 14.0% Vol
    South Africa > Cape South Coast
    A wine made to invite continual exploration of its multiple layers of complexity. Enticing flavours...
    £26.00 per bottle
  3. Stonebird Chardonnay, Cape South Coast
    Stonebird Chardonnay, Cape South Coast 2017
    Chardonnay 13.5% Vol
    South Africa > Coastal Region
    Poised and vibrant, this wine preserves the terroir and purity of the grapes. Sumptuous stone fruit...
    £26.00 per bottle
  4. Stonebird Gonzo NV- Half
    Stonebird Gonzo NV, Walker Bay - Half
    Pinot Noir 17.5% Vol
    South Africa > Cape South Coast
    Warm and sweet, real dessert flavours of prunes and custard with chocolate undertones. Easy and...
    £20.00 per bottle

Showing 4 Items