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The Barry family believe that great wine is made in the vineyard and as such, are committed to owning their own vineyards. This control allows them to develop outstanding fruit quality and flavour which is then retained during winemaking. Over the last 60 years the family has worked to establish a mosaic of sites - 11 vineyards covering 260 hectares in the Clare Valley and two vineyards covering 35 hectares in the Coonawarra. Each is unique in soil profile, climate, aspect and elevation. In Clare they include Armagh, Lodge Hill and Florita, famous for its Riesling, while in Coonawarra, Peter Barry has bought the old Penola cricket ground to establish a vineyard and a range of labels.

The Barry & Sons range of wines is exclusive to Tanners in the UK and comprises a Clare Riesling and Shiraz together with Cabernet Sauvignon from the iconic Coonawarra region. Their Assyrtiko, the only one in Australia, is from a vineyard established from cuttings taken from Argyros in Santorini, whose wine we also stock.


The farming co-operative La Guardiense, which is one of the biggest in Italy, was founded in 1960 by 33 farmers. Today it counts around 1,000 farmer members. They are direct winegrowers cultivating their own respective grapes on around 1,500 hectares of vineyards situated mainly on hilly soils at an average height of 350 metres. The winery is at Santa Lucia in Campania, north-east of Naples and vineyards are in the surrounding Beneventano province.


Estate Argyros was established in 1903 and is now run by Matthew Argyros, the fourth generation of the family to do so, although the family has been involved in grape growing on Santorini for 200 years. Their philosophy is to make boutique wines of subtlety and balance using only the indigenous varieties of Santorini such as Assyrtiko, Aidani and Mavrotragano. Based at Episkopi in the higher central part of Santorini the estate has 120 hectares of vines averaging 70 years of age with some at over 200 years old!


Armenia has a long history of winemaking with archaeologists discovering evidence dating from 4200BC. Needless to say there’s competition with neighbouring Georgia for the oldest winemaking artefacts. More recently though Armenian Wine is undergoing a renaissance and the Armenia Wine Company has been at the forefront of this. It is a family owned company, and their driving force is ‘the love for our country, respect for our traditions and nature’. Beginning with the plantation of vineyards in 2006, the winery was built two years later in 2008. Nowadays, the company is the icon of modern winemaking of Armenia with its award-winning wines and state of the art winery. AWC is also the leader of local market in the quality wine sector as well as the leader in Armenian wine exports.

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  1. Barry & Sons Riesling, Clare
    Barry & Sons Riesling, Clare Valley 2017
    Riesling 12.0% Vol
    Australia > South Australia
    The Barrys have amassed one of the largest family holdings in Australia's Clare Valley, which is...
    £12.00 per bottle £13.40 per bottle
  2. Barry & Sons Shiraz, Clare
    Barry & Sons Shiraz, Clare Valley 2015
    Syrah/Shiraz 14.0% Vol
    Australia > South Australia
    This wine has a mass of concentrated fruit, with elegant and lingering flavours. An excellent wine...
    £13.50 per bottle
    • £12.00 3 or more
  3. 'Janare' Falanghina del Sannio, La Guardiense
    Falanghina del Sannio, Janare, La Guardiense 2018
    Falanghina 12.0% Vol
    Italy > South of Italy
    Good ripe aromas and flavours, full and rich with yellow fruits, freshness and good...
    £7.95 per bottle
    • £6.95 6 or more
  4. Yerevan Winemaker's White Blend, Aragatsotn Region 2016
    Yerevan Winemaker's White Blend, Aragatsotn Region 2016
    Kangun 12.0% Vol
    SE Europe & Asia >
    Clean and fresh with aromas of pear, white flowers and quince. Good fruit on the palate with a...
    £9.95 per bottle
    • £8.95 2 or more
  5. Yerevan Winemaker's Blend, Aragatsotn Region 2016
    Yerevan Winemaker's Red Blend, Aragatsotn Region 2016
    Areni 12.5% Vol
    SE Europe & Asia >
    Fresh and juicy red fruit with cherries and an attractive peppery character on the palate....
    £9.95 per bottle
    • £8.95 2 or more

Showing 5 Items