Chablis needs little introduction - this smart appellation has done a terrific job of marketing itself over the decades.

It's one of those rare wines that has ridden the waves of fashion for generations, neatly side-stepping the most recent Chardonnay backlash by virtue of the fact that so many Chardonnay-decrying Chablis lovers are wholly unaware that their favourite wine is made entirely from Chardonnay!

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  1. Chablis VV, Dom Daniel Defaix
    Chablis vieilles vignes, Domaine Daniel-Etienne Defaix 2012
    Chardonnay 12.5% Vol
    Burgundy > Chablis
    Old vine cuvée from one of the top growers in Chablis. Defaix wines have a depth and...
    £18.00 per bottle £22.00 per bottle
  2. Chablis 'Classique', P Bouchard
    Chablis 'Le Classique', Pascal Bouchard 2015
    Chardonnay 12.5% Vol
    Burgundy > Chablis
    A classic Chablis with freshness, minerality and good weight from an excellent producer. Pascal and...
    £16.95 per bottle
  3. Chablis, Moreau-Naudet
    Chablis, Moreau-Naudet et Fils 2015
    Chardonnay 12.5% Vol
    Burgundy > Chablis
    Taught Citrus lemon character on the nose with beautiful balance, some chalky notes and some white...
    £17.50 per bottle
  4. Chablis Bretin
    Chablis, Alain Bretin, Domaine Jean-Marc Brocard 2015
    Chardonnay 12.5% Vol
    Burgundy > Chablis
    Crisp, firm Chablis with good fruit and plenty of minerality, juicy and elegant. A fine example of...
    £17.20 per bottle
  5. Chablis 1er cru Fourchaume Fèvre
    Chablis 1er cru Fourchaume, Marcel et Blanche Fèvre 2016
    Chardonnay 13.0% Vol
    Burgundy > Chablis
    Wonderful honeyed fruit with good minerality and excellent length. Complex and long wine with great...
    £23.50 per bottle £28.00 per bottle
  6. Petit Chablis, Dom J-M Brocard
    Petit Chablis, Domaine Manants, Jean-Marc Brocard 2015
    Chardonnay 12.0% Vol
    Burgundy > Chablis
    Great honeyed fruit character with a succulent minerality, hints of citrus and juicy apples on the...
    £14.95 per bottle
  7. The Chablis - Half Dozen
    The Chablis - Half Dozen
    From the northernmost region of Burgundy, these three fantastic wines show what Chablis has to...
    £115.00 per case

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