Dinner Party Explorer - Mixed Half Dozen

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The harmony between wine and food can transform dishes and create wonderful memories. At the same time, the responsibility of ‘getting it right’ can add unnecessary pressure, especially when you have guests to impress and multiple courses to serve.

Whether you’re hosting a gathering of close friends or something a little more formal, Tanners is here to help. We have carefully curated a new Dinner Party Case which includes a selection of top food-worthy wines. Each wine has been picked for its quality and complementary style towards an array of dinner party dishes and guest palates.

As well as a mixed half dozen across all styles of wine, the Dinner Party Case includes bespoke tasting notes and food pairing suggestions which will sprinkle some inspiration on your menu planning, from sumptuous starters to delicate desserts. Enjoy!

Case contents
£105.30 £99.00 Offer

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