Just about any fruit or herb you can think of, somebody, somewhere in the world is almost certainly macerating it in sugar and alcohol. ‘Liqueurs’ covers a myriad of different styles and drinks but what they all have in common is they are flavoured and sweetened spirits. We keep an eclectic range in addition to the usual suspects. Smaller producers make more interesting, better value liqueurs such as those from Massenez based in Alsace. We include fruit gins here as they fit the mould perfectly: complex and fruity drinks such as Tanners Sloe Gin as well as the other flavours from Foxdenton. All Eaux de Vie start life as clear distillates from fruit. The best fruit Eaux de Vie are wonderful after-dinner drinks served chilled. Apple Brandy or Calvados is treated with the same reverence as Cognac. Wherever there is wine there is Grappa; made from the pomace left after pressing the grapes for wine production, it has a reputation for being fiery, and some are, but with skill and patience they can have depth and elegance.

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