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  1. Paparuda Sauvignon Blanc
    Paparuda Sauvignon Blanc, Estate Selection 2016
    Sauvignon Blanc 12.0% Vol
    Northern Europe > Romania
    An exuberant Sauvignon with attractive, juicy tropical fruit aromas and flavours. Good weight and...
    £7.40 per bottle
  2. Sole Quinta
    Solo Quinta, Recas Estate 2016
    Chardonnay 13.0% Vol
    Northern Europe > Romania
    Full of ripe apricot, pineapple, guava, vanilla and subtle floral character on the nose and palate...
    £12.50 per bottle
  3. Gruner Veltliner, Baumgartner
    Grüner Veltliner Weinviertel, Baumgartner 2016
    Grüner Veltliner 12.5% Vol
    Northern Europe > Austria
    A terrific dry white from Austria, this is full of zippy grapefruit character but with body and...
    £8.95 per bottle
  4. Sharpham Dart Valley Reserve
    Sharpham Estate, Dart Valley Reserve 2016
    Madeleine Angevine 11.0% Vol
    Northern Europe > England
    Plenty of zesty fruit here, quite Sauvignon Blanc like, grassy and...
    £11.95 per bottle
  5. Pinot Noir Selection Martin Pomfy
    Pinot Noir Selection, Martin Pomfy 2011
    Pinot Noir 13.5% Vol
    Northern Europe > Slovakia
    Rich and complex wine with plenty of black and red fruits over soft oak flavours. Really good sweet...
    £18.50 per bottle
  6. Cabernet Sauvignon Martin Pomfy
    Cabernet Sauvignon, Martin Pomfy 2015
    Cabernet Sauvignon 14.0% Vol
    Northern Europe > Slovakia
    Plenty of classic Cabernet Sauvignon flavours here with soft cassis fruit and good juicy length....
    £14.95 per bottle
  7. Devín Martin Pomfy
    Devín, Martin Pomfy 2016
    Devin 13.0% Vol
    Northern Europe > Slovakia
    This has flavours of lychess, greengages and kumquat from a variety that is a cross between...
    £12.95 per bottle £14.95 per bottle
  8. Chardonnay, Esterhazy
    Chardonnay, Burgenland, Esterházy 2016
    Chardonnay 13.0% Vol
    Northern Europe > Austria
    This super Chardonnay is from 25 year old vines. It has an elegant nose of quince and fresh apple....
    £11.95 per bottle
  9. Orietto Pinot Grigio
    Orietto Pinot Grigio, Moldova 2016
    Pinot Grigio/Gris 12.5% Vol
    Northern Europe > Moldova
    Fresh, dry and crisp dry white with good lemony fruit and easy, accessible...
    £7.70 per bottle
  10. Paparuda Feteasca Regala
    Paparuda Feteasca Regala, Estate Selection 2017
    Feteasca Regala 12.0% Vol
    Northern Europe > Romania
    Aromatic nose with distinct peach and apricot flavours on the palate, soft and creamy fruit and a...
    £7.40 per bottle
  11. Vlassky Rizling Martin Pomfy
    Vlassky Rizling, Martin Pomfy 2016
    Welschriesling 12.5% Vol
    Northern Europe > Slovakia
    This has really good texture with plenty of creamy fruit and good weight. There are hints of pepper...
    £13.95 per bottle
  12. Solo Quinta Orange Wine 2016
    Sole Orange Wine, Recas Estate 2016
    Chardonnay 12.0% Vol
    Northern Europe > Romania
    A rich, characterful, oxidative style of wine full of dried-fruit character, apricots and orange...
    £9.95 per bottle £12.30 per bottle
  13. Rodington Vineyard Solaris 2014 (Shropshire)
    Rodington Vineyard Solaris 2014 (Shropshire)
    Solaris 13.5% Vol
    Northern Europe > England
    Lovely aromatic wine, herby and grassy in character with floral hints. From a small vineyard with...
    £11.70 per bottle
  14. Ancre Hill Pinot Noir, Welsh Wine
    Ancre Hill Estates Pinot Noir, Welsh Regional Wine 2014 (Monmouth)
    Pinot Noir 11.0% Vol
    Northern Europe > Wales
    Aromas of red fruits such as wild strawberry and black cherry combined with spice. The palate...
    £22.50 per bottle
  15. Riesling Steiner Point, Müller-Grossmann
    Riesling Steiner Point, Kremstal, Müller-Grossmann 2016
    Riesling 13.0% Vol
    Northern Europe > Austria
    Pure and clean with peaches and apricot fruit on the palate with a wonderfully crisp...
    £14.40 per bottle
  16. Grüner Veltliner Silberbichl, Müller-Grossmann
    Grüner Veltliner Ried Silberbichl, Kremstal Reserve, Müller-Grossmann 2015
    Grüner Veltliner 13.5% Vol
    Northern Europe > Austria
    Aromatic, then full and rich with plenty of exotic fruit, mangoes and pineapples but with a good,...
    £22.00 per bottle
  17. Grüner Veltliner Grosser Satz, Müller-Grossmann
    Grüner Veltliner Grosser Satz, Kremstal, Müller-Grossmann 2016
    Grüner Veltliner 12.5% Vol
    Northern Europe > Austria
    Bright and fresh with lively yellow fruit flavours and good tension with just a hint of...
    £12.30 per bottle
  18. Talisman Furmint
    Talisman Furmint, Törley 2016
    Furmint 11.5% Vol
    Northern Europe > Hungary
    An attractive mix of zesty ripe citrus fruit, with soft green herbs and a juicy Granny Smith apple...
    £7.70 per bottle
  19. Talisman Bulls Blood
    Talisman Bulls Blood, Egri Bikavér, Törley 2015
    Kekfrankos 12.0% Vol
    Northern Europe > Hungary
    Dark cherry and berry fruit mix with aromas and flavours of dark chocolate, it has an attractive...
    £7.70 per bottle
  20. Jo Hilditch British Cassis - 20CL
    British Cassis, Whittern Farms, Herefordshire, 13% vol - 20cl
    13.0% Vol
    Liqueurs & Eaux de Vie > England
    This blackcurrant liqueur is made in Herefordshire from home-grown blackcurrants. Packed with...
    £12.00 per bottle
  21. Paparuda Pinot Grigio
    Paparuda Pinot Grigio, Estate Selection 2016
    Pinot Grigio/Gris 12.0% Vol
    Northern Europe > Romania
    An enticing aroma of pears with hints of citrus fruit and a touch of honey. There is more of the...
    £6.40 per bottle £7.40 per bottle
  22. Ancre Hill Chardonnay, Welsh Wine
    Ancre Hill Estates Chardonnay, Welsh Regional Wine 2014 (Monmouth)
    Chardonnay 10.0% Vol
    Northern Europe > Wales
    A crisp, elegant wine with lemon flavours, aromatic white flowers backed up with round oak...
    £22.50 per bottle
  23. Glyndwr Medium Dry, Welsh Regional Wine
    Glyndwr Dry, Welsh Regional Wine 2015
    Madeleine Angevine 10.5% Vol
    Northern Europe > Wales
    A light, floral, fruity, medium-dry white with good fresh fruit character and hints of citrus apple...
    £12.60 per bottle
  24. Monnow Valley Huxelrebe/Seyval Blanc
    Monnow Valley Ty Hafod Huxelrebe/Seyval, Welsh Regional Wine 2013 (Monmouth)
    Huxelrebe 10.0% Vol
    Northern Europe > Wales
    Huxelrebe and Seyval Blanc vines grow on the steep valley sides above the River Monnow, just a mile...
    £7.50 per bottle

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