Rhône Valley

Warm, spicy reds are the order of the day here: white pepper features in the Northern Rhône and herby garrigue in the South. It’s very much two areas in one: if you drive down the motorway from Lyon, it can quite often be cool and cloudy until you reach Montélimar when the skies clear and the temperature moves up a notch. The North also uses more Burgundian-style winemaking techniques in terms of its use of demi-muids oak barrels rather than the large foudres of further south. There are unifying factors though and the main one is the use of Syrah grapes. Syrah contributes much character as the single variety in the North for Côte- Rôtie, Saint-Joseph, Crozes-Hermitage, Hermitage and Cornas, or as a blending partner in the South. Blending in order to achieve complexity reaches its apotheosis in Châteauneuf-du-Pape. If Châteauneuf looks a bit pricey these days, try Gigondas, Vacqueyras, Lirac, Cairanne or Rasteau. Ripe, silky Grenache plays an important role in these wines, as it does in most Côtes du Rhône. Gentle whites made from Marsanne and Roussanne, and orange blossom Viogniers, particularly Condrieu, are impressive. Then there’s Tavel for rosé and Muscat de Beaumes de Venise for vin doux naturel.

Areas within Rhône Valley:

Northern Rhône  |  Southern Rhône

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  1. Hermitage Le Greal, M Sorrel
    Hermitage Le Gréal, Marc Sorrel 1996
    Syrah/Shiraz Rhône Valley > Northern Rhône
    £130.00 per bottle
  2. Hermitage, Dom du Colombier
    Hermitage, Domaine du Colombier 1997
    Syrah/Shiraz Rhône Valley > Northern Rhône
    Masses of concentration with lovely depth of fruit, plums, blackberries and good structure hidden...
    £60.00 per bottle
  3. Saint Péray, Pierre Gaillard
    Saint-Péray Blanc, Pierre Gaillard 2019
    Marsanne 14.0% Vol
    Rhône Valley > Northern Rhône
    This Marsanne/Roussanne blend has lovely peppery, lightly smoky notes on a lemony palate and a...
    £21.00 per bottle
  4. Rasteau, Fleur de Confiance, Dom Soumade
    Rasteau, Fleur de Confiance, Domaine la Soumade, Frédéric Roméro 2019
    Grenache 15.0% Vol
    Rhône Valley > Southern Rhône
    From a particular parcel of vines on blue clay over limesone comes this wonderfully intense and...
    £37.00 per bottle
  5. Megaphone Ventoux
    Mégaphone, Ventoux, Frédéric & Daniel Brunier 2020
    Grenache 14.5% Vol
    Rhône Valley > Southern Rhône
    The Brunier brothers have just added this delightful, easy-going red to their range. It is a...
    £17.80 per bottle
  6. Chateauneuf-du-Pape
    Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Domaine Font de Vent 2019
    Grenache 14.5% Vol
    Rhône Valley > Southern Rhône
    Rich, elegant wine with soft blueberry notes and a touch of spice. Delicious, full in the mouth;...
    £32.00 per bottle
  7. Crozes-Hermitage Rouge
    Crozes-Hermitage, Coeur de Clairmont 2020 - Half
    Syrah/Shiraz 13.0% Vol
    Rhône Valley > Northern Rhône
    With a deep purple colour, this appealing wine has obvious blackberry fruit with good depth and...
    £8.80 per bottle
  8. Lirac Carabiniers
    Lirac, Moon Apogé, Domaine des Carabiniers 2019
    Grenache 13.0% Vol
    Rhône Valley > Southern Rhône
    The Lirac was spicy and silky smooth, the crushed berry fruits, delightful. It has good structure,...
    £17.50 per bottle

Showing 49-56 of 56 Items