Rosé Wines

Designed to capture the freshness of a white but with the ripe fruit character of a red, sometimes a rosé is the only wine for the occasion.

Sip it on its own, or put it with a plethora of dishes when you want more than a white can deliver. They can be light-bodied, simple and refreshing, or fuller and richer with a more complex core. It is time to leave the stigmas of the past behind and enjoy what can be the perfect glass of wine. Summer suits these wines best but even on cold, winter evenings this is a style that often brings real fruit and substance. Tanners Rosé is a serious contender for ‘best’ rosé crown in our selection.

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  1. Massaya Rose, Bekaa Valley
    Massaya Rosé, Bekaa Valley 2016
    Syrah/Shiraz 13.5% Vol
    SE Europe & Asia > Lebanon
    Clean, delicate rosé from Lebanon made with a blend of Syrah and Cinsault. Fermentation in...
    £14.95 per bottle
  2. Le Mescladis Rosé, Pic Saint-Loup, Domaine Clavel 2016
    Le Mescladis Rosé, Pic Saint-Loup, Domaine Clavel 2016
    Syrah/Shiraz 13.0% Vol
    South of France > Languedoc-Rousillon
    Fruity rosé with raspberry aromas and strawberry flavours, fresh and lively with good body...
    £11.95 per bottle
  3. Paparuda Rosé
    Paparuda Rosé, Estate Selection 2017
    Feteasca Negra 11.5% Vol
    Northern Europe > Romania
    Easy, fruity rosé with strawberry and cherry fruit. Soft, easy drinking and...
    £7.40 per bottle
  4. Pinot Grigio Blush, Amori
    Amori Pinot Grigio Blush, Venezie IGT 2017
    Pinot Grigio/Gris 12.0% Vol
    Italy > Veneto & NE Italy
    A copper pink rosé from Northern Italy's Venezie region with gently fragrant summer fruits...
    £7.70 per bottle
  5. Sancerre Rose, JM Roger
    Sancerre Rosé, La Grange Dîmière, Jean-Max Roger 2016
    Pinot Noir 13.5% Vol
    Loire Valley > Sancerre & Upper Loire
    A beautiful, elegant, pink rose colour, with an attractive red fruit bouquet. It has more...
    £16.20 per bottle
  6. Terra de Lobos Rose
    Terra de Lobos Rosé, Tejo, Casal Branco 2016
    Touriga Nacional 13.0% Vol
    Portugal > Mid & S Portugal
    A super ripe fruited wine full of red berry character, succulent and attractive this is easy...
    £7.80 per bottle
  7. Smart Dog Rosé, JP Ramos
    Smart Dog Rosé, Alentejo, J P Ramos 2016
    Touriga Nacional 13.0% Vol
    Portugal > Mid & S Portugal
    A gorgeous pale rose pink, this wine is packed full of ripe, red-fruit character: redcurrants,...
    £8.50 per bottle
  8. Pato Torrente Cab Rose, Central
    Pato Torrente Rosé, Valle Central 2017
    Cabernet Sauvignon 12.5% Vol
    Chile > Maipo & Mid Chile
    This is an off-dry, fruity rosé, with plenty of strawberry flavours and lively, refreshing...
    £7.50 per bottle
  9. Prieure de Montezargues, Tavel Rose
    Prieuré de Montézargues, Tavel Rosé 2016
    Grenache 13.5% Vol
    Rhône Valley > Southern Rhône
    A big, flavoursome rosé, almost all of which is sold locally due to its growing reputation....
    £17.50 per bottle
  10. Pleno Garnacha Rosado, Navarra
    Pleno Rosado, Navarra 2017
    Grenache 12.0% Vol
    Spain > Catalonia & NE Spain
    Easy going rosé with attractive strawberry fruit, juicy and fresh, from a modern bodega in...
    £6.95 per bottle
  11. Angel's Flight White Zinfandel
    Angel's Flight White Zinfandel, California 2016
    Zinfandel 10.5% Vol
    USA > California
    A juicy refreshing rosé packed full of crushed strawberry and raspberry fruit. The finish is...
    £8.60 per bottle
  12. Foxcover White Zinfandel, California
    Foxcover White Zinfandel, California
    Zinfandel 9.0% Vol
    USA > California
    Coral pink in colour. Delicate and refreshing with soft fruit flavours of strawberries and...
    £7.95 per bottle
  13. Rose d'Anjou, Bonhomme
    Rosé d'Anjou, Auguste Bonhomme 2016
    Grolleau 10.5% Vol
    Loire Valley >
    Crystal clear with a salmon pink hue and a beautiful intensity. The bouquet is reminiscent of red...
    £8.60 per bottle
  14. Ch Le Fage, Bergerac Rouge
    Château Le Fagé, Bergerac Rosé 2017
    Merlot 12.0% Vol
    South of France > Gascony & SW France
    An attactive, fruity rosé with juicy strawberry character and a good, fresh finish. Le Fagé is...
    £9.30 per bottle
  15. Domaine de la Cendrillon Corbières Rosé
    Domaine de la Cendrillon Minuet Rosé, Corbières 2017
    Southern Rhône Blend 12.5% Vol
    South of France > Languedoc-Roussillon
    An elegant but flavour-filled rosé with a beautiful colour. The nose is fresh and floral with...
    £11.60 per bottle
  16. Ch Chase Constantin Rose, Luberon
    Maison Williams Chase Rosé, Côtes de Provence 2017
    Grenache 13.0% Vol
    South of France > Provence
    An attractive pale rosé which is clean, fresh and juicy with plenty of raspberry fruit, from...
    £14.90 per bottle
  17. Bandol Rose, Le Galantin
    Bandol Rosé, Le Galantin 2016
    Mourvèdre/Mataró 13.5% Vol
    South of France > Provence
    A fresh, lively rosé with gentle lemony aromas, a refreshing palate with flavours of peaches...
    £11.50 per bottle £14.50 per bottle
  18. Torres Santa Digna Rose Cab Sauv Res
    Santa Digna Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé Reserva, Miguel Torres, Valle Central 2016
    Cabernet Sauvignon 13.0% Vol
    Chile > Maipo & Mid Chile
    A deliciously refreshing rosé, full of fresh blackcurrant fruit with great character....
    £9.40 per bottle
  19. Sancerre Rose, Andre Dezat
    Sancerre Rosé, André Dezat et Fils 2016
    Pinot Noir 12.5% Vol
    Loire Valley > Sancerre & Upper Loire
    The rosés of Sancerre are made from Pinot Noir, not so surprising as Sancerre is closer to...
    £16.50 per bottle
  20. Ch du Galoupet, Rose, Cotes de Provence
    Château du Galoupet, cru classé Rosé, Côtes de Provence 2017
    Grenache 13.0% Vol
    South of France > Provence
    A classic Provence Rosé, with a delicate pale pink rose colour. The nose is floral with...
    £14.95 per bottle

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