Sweet Wines

The variety of our range is huge. Light-bodied, pale, honeyed and fragrant sweet wines made from Sémillon and fresh Muscats through to the darker sticky styles of Moscatel de Setúbal and Vin Santo, allow you to tailor your choice so that they match the desserts you may well partner them with.

Remember that all of these perform extremely well with cheeses, particularly blue cheese.

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  1. Tanners Sauternes - half
    Tanners Sauternes - Half
    Sémillon 13.5% Vol
    Bordeaux > Sauternes & Barsac
    The vineyard source for this wine is a closely guarded secret, but suffice to say it has a very...
    £12.95 per bottle
  2. Ch Le Fage Monbazillac - Half
    Château Le Fagé, Monbazillac 2015 - Half
    Sémillon 13.0% Vol
    South of France > Gascony & SW France
    This is a luscious dessert wine, brimming with ripe botrytised fruit, both complex and intense....
    £7.40 per bottle
  3. Brown Brothers Orange Muscat - Half
    Brown Brothers Explorer Orange Muscat and Flora, Victoria 2016 - Half
    Muscat/Moscatel 10.0% Vol
    Australia > Victoria
    Probably the most famous wine that Brown Brothers have made, this tastes even better than it...
    £9.20 per bottle
  4. Nahe Auslese, Metternich (Flonheimer)
    Rheinhessen Auslese, Kurfürst Karl Kaspar 2015
    Müller-Thürgau 8.5% Vol
    Germany > Rhine
    Soft, easy Auslese with attractive peachy fruit. Not too heavy, this is perfect, easy drinking from...
    £8.95 per bottle
  5. Elysium Black Muscat, Quady - Half
    Quady Elysium Black Muscat, California 2015 - Half
    Muscat/Moscatel 15.0% Vol
    USA > California
    Elysium is used to either accompany or replace dessert. It is wonderful with blue cheeses, with...
    £12.90 per bottle
  6. Dr Loosen BA  - 18.75cl
    Dr Loosen Riesling Beerenauslese, Mosel 2014 - 18.7cl
    Riesling 7.0% Vol
    Germany > Mosel
    Early arriving botrytis in this year gave Loosen the opportunity to make this bright, refreshing...
    £12.95 per bottle
  7. El Aziz, Vendimmia Tardiva, Fina - 50cl
    El Aziz, Vendemmia Tardiva, IGT Sicilia, Fina - 50cl
    Grillo 14.0% Vol
    Italy > Sicily
    Rich apricot and exotic fruit mix, this is a fascinating dessert wine from Sicily. Using...
    £14.50 per bottle
  8. Mitchell Noble Semillon Clare-Half
    Mitchell Noble Semillon, Clare Valley 2014 - Half
    Sémillon 12.2% Vol
    Australia > South Australia
    A great, full-on, late harvest sweetie with a silky texture and excellent balance. Intensely...
    £9.70 per bottle £11.20 per bottle
  9. Vin Santo del Chianti, Geografico
    Vin Santo del Chianti, Geografico 2011
    Trebbiano/Ugni Blanc 15.5% Vol
    Italy > Tuscany
    A beautiful amber colour with a prominent nose of apricot jam. The palate is rich and ripe with...
    £19.95 per bottle
  10. Essencia Orange Muscat, Quady - Half
    Quady Essensia Orange Muscat, California 2015 - Half
    Muscat/Moscatel 15.0% Vol
    USA > California
    From 100% Orange Muscat with an aroma reminiscent of Orange Blossom and Apricot, and a lingering...
    £12.70 per bottle
  11. Margan Botrytis Semillon - Half
    Margan Botrytis Semillon, Hunter Valley 2013 - Half
    Sémillon 10.5% Vol
    Australia > New South Wales
    The Hunter Valley has the perfect humid climate for making naturally sweet botrytis-affected wines....
    £11.95 per bottle
  12. Lyme Bay Winery Traditional Mead
    Lyme Bay Winery Traditional Mead - 75cl
    14.5% Vol
    A full-flavoured, sweet and well-balanced, traditionally-styled award-winning mead from the Lyme...
    £8.50 per bottle
  13. Ch Suduiraut, 1er cru Sauternes
    Château Suduiraut, 1er cru Sauternes 2006
    Sémillon 14.0% Vol
    Bordeaux > Sauternes & Barsac
    This is a stunning wine, probably the best of the vintage after d'Yquem. Lovely botrytis character...
    £72.50 per bottle
  14. Quarts de Chaume, Dom des Forges
    Quarts de Chaume, Domaine des Forges 2014
    Chenin Blanc 11.5% Vol
    Loire Valley > Saumur & Middle Loire
    A complex wine, with a citrus nose and a hint of spice. On the palate it is full of butterscotch...
    £35.00 per bottle
  15. Muscat Grenat sur Grains, Boudau
    Rivesaltes Grenat sur Grains, Domaine Boudau 2015
    Grenache 15.5% Vol
    South of France > Languedoc-Rousillon
    A powerful nose of super ripe red fruits in particular redcurrants and just a hint of spirit. Silky...
    £15.30 per bottle

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