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Welsh Wine Week: Celebrating the Terroir of Wales
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Welsh Wine Week: Celebrating the Terroir of Wales

Welshpool Branch Manager Thomas Corbett talks through the delights of Welsh Wine Week, 24th May – 2nd June 2024.

Welsh Wine Week is an annual celebration that shines a spotlight on the burgeoning wine industry of Wales. Tanners Wines Welshpool is always delighted to be able to celebrate and mark it with a short piece on the subject.

Over recent years, Welsh viticulture has continued to see significant growth, producing wines that are garnering national and international acclaim. This week-long event, held each year at the end of May, not only highlights the unique flavours and characteristics of Welsh wines but also pays homage to the dedication and craftsmanship of Welsh winemakers.

Let’s delve into the focus of this year’s piece, last year! While it might seem strange to have a focus on one single vintage rather than some unknown grapes, the growing season that was described across Wales (and the UK in general) as “incredible” and “remarkable” makes for worthy observation.  The higher yields are cause for comment enough, as early signs of the qualities of the juice from producers are very promising. While we might all want a long hot summer by the BBQ sipping our favourite tipple, the world of wine production is slightly different, requiring the right levels of rain at key points to encourage full growth as well as constant warm temperatures for slower ripening, causing richer flavours when worked.

The success of the vintage has been attributed to this almost perfect season of weather throughout the vine’s development. There was an agreeable June for flowering, a typical British rain-covered July aiding vine growth and finally, a warm, sunny September ready for harvest at the end of the month, which for the vignerons made up for the rather indifferent summer season the rest of us experienced! The September weather was the real key allowing for a long, slow ripening period which meant the grapes naturally occurring sugars accumulated gradually while skins fully ripened for red wine production. While of course, time will tell if the resultant wines live up to the hype, we are impressed with what has been coming through already. With some of the first samples and phone calls with our local producers suggesting that the 2023 is the vintage where, if you haven’t already, you should give Welsh Wine a try!

Welsh Wine Week is more than just a celebration; it is a testament to the resilience and creativity of Welsh winemakers. From its ancient roots to its modern resurgence and the highs we have found that last year could bring, the Welsh wine industry has made significant strides, producing wines that now stand proudly on the stage of quality wine producers. As we raise our glasses during Welsh Wine Week, we toast not only to the wines of Wales, but also to the passionate individuals who make them.



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