Organic Wines

Being an organic grape grower and winemaker is a difficult proposition. Grapes are thin-skinned fruit that are susceptible to many diseases, while the most complex flavours and structures of great wines are traced back to grapes grown right on the edge of viability. So you take a big risk being organic!

However these committed folk earn our huge respect and, where the wines are truly competitive on quality (as any in our list are) then we are delighted to showcase their efforts in this section.

Some climates lend themselves to easier production without chemicals; Chile certainly falls into this category, as do warmer Mediterranean regions. However there are many growers from the Loire to Central Otago who believe in organic production as the best, and most sustainable way for the future of the planet, and again we are happy to support them.

Our organic wines are accredited by several bodies, the symbols for which you’ll find on the back-label. Some will also be produced ‘biodynamically’ following the lunar system of agriculture developed by Rudolf Steiner. Again, it it the overall quality of the wine against its peers which gains it entry to our list.