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What is En-Primeur?

The term ‘en primeur’ refers to pre-shipment offers of wines, normally by the case and often before they are bottled. Delivery is on a pre-advised date.

Tanners en primeur offers provide a very good way to secure some of the most sought-after wines directly from the domain, which can otherwise be very hard to obtain. In addition, we ensure that it is an advantageous way to buy a much larger range of mid-priced wines from Bordeaux, Burgundy, the Rhône, Germany and the Douro valley. En Primeur also allows you to secure many fine wines in large formats or halves.

Timings of the four main offers follow an established pattern following the vintage. Opening with Bordeaux offered each May/June; Rhônes in November with additional wines in March; Burgundies in January the following year; then Vintage Ports (if declared) in May. There are always exceptions! It also allows us to offer exciting wines we have tasted from other regions in Europe and the New World that might not appear on the shelf.

We will contact you again when the wines have been shipped and advise of a specific delivery date. We collate orders as best we can, and there are no delivery charges for despatches to mainland UK home or work addresses.

When ordering en primeur wines, you pay for the wine itself when you place the order and then the duty and VAT at the prevailing rates on the whole at the time of shipment, which can be from a couple of months to a couple of years later.

If you choose to store the wine in ‘in bond’ in Tanners Customer Reserves, the duty and VAT charges are deferred until removal. Find out more about Wine Storage.

If you require further information, please call our Fine Wine Team on 01743 234455 or email - we will be happy to explain in more detail.

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