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St David’s Day 2024
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St David’s Day 2024

As St. David's Day approaches, it's once again the perfect time to raise a glass and celebrate Welsh heritage and culture. But have you ever raised a glass of Welsh Wine or sampled a Welsh Spirit?

While many associate Wales with stunning landscapes, rich history, and vibrant traditions, the country's burgeoning wine and spirit industry often goes overlooked. This St. David's Day, we invite you to explore the world of Welsh wines with us as we highlight some of the finest offerings from local vineyards alongside some of the finest Welsh cuisine.

Ancre Hill Chardonnay with Welsh Rarebit

No one knows how Welsh rarebit got its unusual name. What is certain, however, is how good it tastes: melted Welsh cheese with added mustard and a healthy splash of Welsh ale, slathered over toasted sourdough bread to create the ultimate Welsh comfort food. How best to pair this amazing starter or snack? Well, as much as you might be tempted to finish off the rest of the ale you’ve been cooking with, there are various excellent crisp white wines made in Wales, full of the acidity needed to balance the richness of the dish. Due to some excellent seasons recently there have also been more opportunities for white wines to undergo extended lees ageing and MLF fermentations, creating richer, fuller flavours and bringing a longer finish for their characteristics making these wines perfect for food pairing. Ancre Hill Chardonnay is an exceptional example of this, being very eco-friendly as well, with crisp citrus flavours married to layers of rich oak and vanilla notes. Located in the south of the Country on limestone soils there is an edge to the full collection of Ancre Hill wines that makes them well worth seeking out.

Ojos del Sur Malbec, Patagonia with Rack of Welsh Saltmarsh Lamb

Wales is famous for its lamb, especially at this time of year, but if you want an extra special treat seek out the lamb farmed on the saltmarshes of the Mid Welsh coast in the Dyfi estuary. This sweet and delicate meat with herby, slightly salty fresh notes is an excellent centrepiece when roasted or pan-fried and served with fresh seasonal vegetables and our wine pick of Conway Vineyard’s Rondo is available in our Welshpool and Chester Branches. With rich blackcurrant flavours and underlining vanilla notes from two years of ageing in Barolo barrels, bringing out the best of a grape variety beginning to gain some traction in the wine industry. Growing ripe, red-skinned grapes in Wales might seem like a challenge, but as our climate improves the qualities of the grapes in addition to the skills of our wine producers, Wales can indeed make better and better wines with each vintage. If you’re not quite close enough to visit those two branches, we suggest Ojos del Sur Malbec, a  Patagonian red wine which will serve just as well with rich flavours and concentration; a fine replacement to celebrate the work of Welsh settlers from all over the world. 

Dà Mhìle Organic Orange 33 with Crempogau (Welsh Pancakes)

Pancake day might have just gone, but these are the perfect excuse to eat them once again. Influenced by the fellow Celtic Breton crepe, but smaller and thicker in stature, Crempogau are Welsh pancakes, best served stacked in a pile and generously smothered in Welsh honey and topped with whichever fruits you like. Crempogau, like pancakes, are traditionally eaten on Shrove Tuesday, but we think they deserve another round served up with a good measure of Dà Mhìle’s excellent Orange 33 for a perfect sweet treat pairing on St David’s Day. The rich orange notes bring a sweetness of their own to whatever treats you place on top of your Crempogau, and it can easily be made a longer lighter drink by the addition of some sparkling water or any dry/off-dry sparkling wine. Dà Mhìle is an organic distillery producing some great whisky’s, rums and flavoured spirits, all excellent examples if you’re looking for a sprinkling of inspiration.

As we raise our glasses to toast St. David's Day, let us also raise awareness and appreciation for the remarkable wines being produced right here in Wales. Whether you're a seasoned oenophile or brand new to the world of Welsh wine, there's never been a better time to explore the rich tapestry of flavours, aromas, and stories waiting to be discovered in every bottle. 

Cheers to Welsh wine and the spirit of celebration!



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