Shrewsbury Cellars Shop

Round the back of our Shrewsbury headquarters, and with masses of parking, the Cellars Shop is the flagship of Tanners’ retail operations

You will find the full Tanners range of wines and spirits superbly displayed, together with all the fine and rare ‘Oddment’ wines. In all, that makes well over 2,000 wines, but if you find the choice daunting Robert Crosland and his team including Aaran Eccles, Marie-Claire Gillett, Howard Hutchins, Luke Dowdy, Tiffany Vernon and Erica Baker Vilain will give you honest, practical guidance. If you are coming from further afield and would like a look behind the scenes, please ring ahead on 01743 234455 and we will endeavour to organise a tour.

Where to find us

26 Wyle Cop, Shrewsbury, Shropshire SY1 1XD

9am - 6pm, Monday to Saturday except Bank Holidays

01743 234459

Directions: From the south side of Shrewsbury, follow signs to the town centre. Cross the English Bridge and take the second right entrance just before you start to go up Wyle Cop.

For detailed directions to our Shrewsbury Cellar Shop, enter your starting postcode below.

Meet the Team

Staff 1

Robert Crosland, Retail Manager

Having grown up with aspirations to be a footballer, Robert settled for going to watch Shrewsbury Town as much as possible and joined Tanners straight from school instead.

Although he's based in our Cellars Shop, Robert manages all of Tanners retail operations with a wealth of experience under his belt as he's now worked in the trade for more than 35 years.

His one wish for the trade would be to see an end to retailers' misleading discounts and he would like customers to experiment more with Southern French Wines as they offer such great value.

Aaran Eccles

Aaran Eccles, Assistant Manager

Aaran joined us in our Hereford branch originally, fresh from completing his postgraduate Masters at Newcastle, in which his dissertation focussed on the Roman fine wine trade and connoisseurship in the 1st century! Aaran's interest in wine is not only historical but practical… prior to commencing his postgrad, Aaran enjoyed a season working as a Barman and Sommelier at a top restaurant in Melbourne.

Aaran’s most memorable glass of wine would have to be the Lafite Rothschild 1990 he drank at New Year 2016 but meanwhile, back on terra firma, he is a big advocate of the more esoteric Italian whites. He would like to urge Pinot Grigio lovers to step outside their comfort zone and give the likes of Gavi, Friulano and Fiano a shot.

Outside of wine, Aaran’s great love is food – however the perfect sauce recipes to accompany his favourite steak are currently eluding him! To counter his passion for food, Aaran is a keen runner and has set himself the challenge to beat his Great North Run time this year.

Staff 3

Howard Hutchins, Wine Adviser

Having travelled extensively around the wine regions of New Zealand before joining Tanners, it's perhaps no surprise that Howard has been bitten by the travel bug. Next on his list is a visit to Tuscany as he's currently obsessed with Italian wines. In fact he's got a bottle of Brunello di Montalcino DOCG Colleoni, Santa Maria 2001 sitting in his wine rack which ranks as his most expensive wine purchase... he now just needs to decide when to drink it!

Aside from Italian and Kiwi wines, Howard would like to see customers being a little more adventurous: Austria produces some amazing wines, and he thinks vast swathes of Spain get overlooked as everyone knows Rioja but there is so much more to the country than just this region.

Marie Claire Gillett

Marie Claire Gillett, Wine Adviser

If it hadn't been for the fact that Marie Claire fainted when she did work experience, she may well have ended up as a vet! Instead, after time spent travelling in India, she joined Tanners more than 15 years ago, got married in New Mexico and the next trip on her list is Chile to visit their wine regions.

From Tanners Gascony Dry White as an everyday option, through top-notch Alsatian Gewürztraminer as a treat to the Chilean Coyam as her ultimate dinner party wine, Marie Claire's taste in wine is as broad as her taste for travelling, but she is just as happy unwinding with a good Bourbon.


Luke Dowdy, Wine Adviser

Having had aspirations of becoming a graphic designer in his youth, Luke performed something of a U-turn, starting his career in the hospitality industry (where his claim to fame was pouring Heston Blumenthal a pint of Peroni) before joining us at Tanners in 2017.

We’re pleased to report Luke’s off to a flying start having not only aced his recent WSET exam but also spending his hard earned crust on JL Chave’s 2007 Hermitage!

Luke’s ultimate ambition is to travel the world – and top of the list of dream destinations is Burgundy, home of his favourite style of Pinot Noir.

Tiffany Vernon, Wine Adviser

Tiffany joined Tanners in 2012 after working at Wroxeter Roman Vineyard, but has since visited vineyards across the globe, even as far as Australia! A standout, albeit tough, vineyard experience for her has been assisting with the 2018 harvest at Chateau Palmer in Bordeaux. In the same year Tiffany also achieved her Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET) Diploma and has been putting her knowledge to good use in the Cellars Shop.

A keen writer, Tiffany had aspirations of being a journalist when she was younger and is currently honing her skills by writing regular wine and food matching columns for magazines, along with articles for Tanners’ Blog.

Tiffany’s wine tastes are pretty broad but her go to favourite grape variety is Viognier which often results in her indulging in a bottle (or two!) of Condrieu for special occasions.