Terms & Conditions - Fine Wine Services


En Primeur Purchases

  • The prevailing rates for duty are per 75cl bottle ex VAT:
  • £2.23 for Still Wines over 5.5%, but not exceeding 15% alc. by vol.
  • £2.86 for Sparkling Wines over 8.5%, but not exceeding 15% alc. by vol.
  • £2.98 for Port, Fortified and Still Wines over 15%, but not exceeding 22% alc. by vol.
  • We will not send you the wines until these charges have been settled. 
  • Ownership of the wines passes to you after settlement of all outstanding charges.
  • Stocks of many wines offered will be finite and subject to allocation. We reserve the right to allocate stocks among customers as we deem fit, reasonable and fair. You therefore may not be allocated the quantities of wines you ordered, and orders will only be accepted if there remains stock unsold. 
  • Tanners adheres to the strict guidelines adopted in The Bunch Code of Practice with regard to En Primeur (Lying Abroad) purchases.
  • We remain responsible for insuring the wine at the original invoice value until you take delivery, or it is moved to a third-party warehouse.
  • There is a £9 charge per case (any size) for transfer to a third-party bonded warehouse, up to a maximum of £36, to cover extra administration. These prices are VAT inclusive.
  • Occasional accidental shortages will be refunded in full at invoice price.

Wine Storage

  • Storage per year or subsequent part year is £0.90 per 75cl or 50cl bottle.
  • Other sizes are charged pro rata e.g.: £0.45 per half (37.5cl) or smaller and £1.80 per magnum (150cl) etc. 
  • There is a £3 per case (any size) charge for initial taking-in. 
  • There is a £9 per case (any size) charge for transfer to a third-party bonded warehouse, up to a maximum of £36, to cover extra administration. 
  • These prices are VAT inclusive. 
  • Rates are inclusive of insurance at full replacement value.
  • If you request storage when ordering En Primeur wines, they will be stored on an ‘In Bond’ basis by default.
  • Storage must be in case quantities or in the units offered in our En Primeur Offers. 
  • Our storage year runs from 1st April to 31st March. Wines put into storage mid-year are charged pro rata. 
  • If you withdraw wines from storage before 30th April after we invoice you, we will credit the annual charge. After this, charges remain even if you withdraw wines before the start of the next storage year.
  • Please allow at least one week for the despatch of wines after you request removal.
  • Wines will be despatched in the units in which they were originally purchased. 
  • We request that you do not ask for withdrawals from storage between 30th November and 31st December.
  • On withdrawal of wines stored ‘In Bond’, duty becomes due at the prevailing rate, as well as VAT on the duty and on the wine at the original purchase price. These charges will need paying before we will despatch. 
  • It is your responsibility to advise us of any changes in contact details.
  • Payment of storage charges must be settled within 30 days of the date of invoice and before withdrawal. 
  • If these charges are unpaid after a further written reminder, we reserve the right to sell some of your wine and will deduct the outstanding charges and any extra costs involved in the sale: legal fees, searches etc. Any balance left over from this transaction will be held in abeyance for you to claim for a period of 24 months. 
  • Every case held on behalf of a customer is clearly identified in a way that unambiguously asserts that customer’s ownership.
  • No wines will be removed from storage except on written instructions from the owner or, where the customer requires frequent withdrawals from reserves (e.g. in the case of restaurants) following receipt of a letter of indemnity from the owner authorising verbal instructions. These instructions may be by email.
  • Customers may inspect their wines in storage at any time during normal business hours, by prior appointment. 
  • Tanners adheres to the strict guidelines adopted in The Bunch Code of Practice with regard to Wine Storage.

Selling Your Wine

  • Wines offered by us for brokerage must be currently stored with Tanners.
  • When we broker your wines, a commission of 10% of the gross selling price is charged, plus VAT on the commission at the prevailing rate, with you receiving the balance of the sale proceeds.
  • Any outstanding storage charges on wines must be settled before despatch or change of ownership.
  • Photography of bottles is charged at £5 per case (any size) including VAT.